Who We Are

Who we are

We are a diverse group of Christians, from different backgrounds, all living in and around Chingford. We are a Grace Baptist Church, and belong to the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (South East).

GRACE means that we joyfully affirm the doctrines of grace.

BAPTIST means that we unashamedly hold to Baptist distinctives, including a baptised membership and a disciplined Lord's table.

We have two primary goals as a church: Preaching the gospel and making disciples.

Our desire is to worship God, nurture and aid the growth of His people, equipping members to serve Jesus Christ. We aim to reach out to Chingford and the surrounding community with the message of the grace and mercy of God.

What we believe

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We are affiliated to the Association of Grace Baptist Churches (SE). 


Our services are held on Sunday at 11 am and are usually led by our Pastor Bernard Roberts.

When we meet: In addition to our Sunday morning meeting we have:

Contending For The Faith class on Sunday afternoon, twice a month.

Bible Study and prayer meeting every Wednesday at 8pm.

Where we meet: Kings Road Baptist Church, 16 Kings Road, Chingford E4 7EY